Ping Pong Table Reviews: JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table with Compact Net Set

JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table with Compact Net Set

The JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table – Improved Sturdiness and Quality

If you’re looking for a table tennis table that comes with all the bells and whistles of a high quality, full size competitive table, while also weighing less on your wallet, the JOOLA Quattro table tennis table with compact net set may well be worth looking into.

Featuring a compact net set, a sleek looking blue table top and a sturdy metal frame guaranteed to support the table for years of fun and training, the JOOLA table tennis table features a simple, yet highly versatile design that makes it an ideal choice for any table tennis enthusiast.

JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table with Compact Net Set

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Features and Technical Specs

Available at an affordable price, yet fitted with a full size table top and a highly resilient metal frame that ensures you can play for years without damaging the table in any way, JOOLA’s Quattro table tennis table comes with numerous high quality features you can enjoy.

Its fast, 19mm playing surface is built according to competitive standards, completely supported by an all-metal frame and a quality trundle system which rivals JOOLA’s more expensive counterparts.

The JOOLA table can be folded both for storage and for easy one-person practice. Moreover, with its easy to use undercarriage and wheels, storage and transport, as well as any tasks that would require taking up too much space around your home will no longer be a problem.

The complete package with all its features and accessories will include a net set, the JOOLA wheel system for easy transport and the blue table top. Be advised that the table does weigh a little over 200 lbs which could be a problem in some cases; however its sturdy construction and easy to use features normally outweigh this disadvantage.

The Benefits of Buying the JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table

There’s a lot more to the JOOLA Quattro than just fancy tech. While you will notice the table’s design superiority while playing, what will really stand out is the attention to detail that the manufacturers have put into building it as a perfectly balanced table for fun, practical use and competitive play.

Here are just a few of its main highlights:

  • First of all, the JOOLA Quattro table tennis table is quite easy to set up. Within less than half an hour, you can have it installed ideally, and even start turning on the fun dial by playing your first table tennis game.
  • When it comes to moving the table, the sturdy and reliable wheels on the bottom can allow for both ease of transport and maneuverability. Even if you’re alone, you can still move the table from one room to another without much difficulty.
  • You won’t ever have to worry about saving storage space with the JOOLA Quattro table tennis table. Its high end and highly efficient folding mechanism makes it a snap to fold the table and store it even in an area with minimal available space. Also, it allows you to restore the table whenever you want in no time at all to enjoy a quick game.
  • In terms of using it as a high performance table, you won’t have any problems whatsoever. Ball performance is quite excellent, and the table’s ¾ size top is ideal for competitive play.
  • Finally, the combination of sleek workmanship, style and resilience that come with the JOOLA tennis table is enough to make your head spin, and the combined quality of all the features it provides are definitely worth the more or less affordable price you’d have to pay for it.

JOOLA Quattro Table Tennis Table

Drawbacks of the JOOLA Table Tennis Table

Now, just like many other table tennis tables, the JOOLA Quattro is not perfect. So you may want to take a closer look at some of its most notable negative aspects, before you consider buying it:

  • When you’re moving the table around, the wheels can help a great deal. Nevertheless, the JOOLA Quattro is still on the heavy side, and you might find it difficult to move it downstairs to the basement or load it up into your car or truck.
  • The JOOLA table also looks somewhat less durable than it is. In the long run, this normally isn’t a problem, since it can last quite a long time. However, its apparent “flimsiness” can put someone off, as many people expect a flawless design at this price.

A Great Day for Assembling a New JOOLA Table

JOOLA QuattroJust a couple of months ago, a good friend of mine who is also a retired table tennis player has purchased the JOOLA Quattro table tennis table as an additional table to set up in his new summer home.

Even though I was first hesitant to go on a two hour drive to help the guy out with setting up the table, I was pleasantly surprised by it and taking the time to get up there, help out and enjoy a few quick games with him actually made my day (even though I didn’t win a single game).

The beautiful design and sturdy frame caught my eye from the start. Even though the frame looks flimsy, it’s actually not. You won’t be able to bend that metal, and the table is perfectly balanced once set up.

Installation was a bit of a pain, but we managed quite well, and had some fun in the process. This JOOLA table tennis table really is quite heavy, but it only needed some extra support from both of us before setting up one of the sides. All the work took about 20 minutes tops, and once the table was ready, we found it easy to level, move and fold, so that my friend could manage on his own from there.

We did enjoy a few games, and I was surprised at how fast the table surface was. Even though the balls we were using were not really up to par with the best standards, the whole experience was just extremely enjoyable and challenging.

A Look at the Bigger Picture

Looking at the overall price and quality ratio of the JOOLA Quattro table tennis table with compact net set, you may think the price might be too much. However, the convenience it provides, as well as its durable construction and easy to use features make it well worth a price compared to a lower end table that may be just $100-150 cheaper.

All in all, the JOOLA Quattro definitely has some “hidden” qualities that make it worthwhile and even cause it to stand out among some of the more expensive table tennis tables out there.

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